Essential Bonsai tools

Top Bonsai Tree Care Products:

As you may have gathered bonsai trees must be trained, shaped and pruned regularly. Choosing the necessary bonsai tools is no easy task with plenty on the market, so we’ve provided some suggestions that are the most popular with the highest rating.

We recommend beginning with a concave pruner and perhaps a pair of bud scissors rather than starting out with a full bonsai tool kit. When there is a need to properly prune, trim, wire and re-pot your bonsai tree other tools such as wire cutters, knob cutters, a root hook and root pruners.

Essential Tools


Bonsai Trimmer

bonsai trimmer1 pc Bon-sai or Bud Trimmer, Trim Small Leaves and Flowers – $5.45

A simple, easy to use and lightweight trimmer makes quick jobs easy and effective. This nice little number is cheap but provides the rigidity you require for quick trimming tasks. Perfect for a beginner.




Bonsai Butterfly shears 

butterfly bonsai toolStanwood Bonsai Tool: Japanese Butterfly Shears Professional Grade – $24.95

The large butterfly shear is brilliant for getting among the larger growth, Japan made tools are often the best quality, so while this set is expensive it is well worth the extra cash. If you are after a cheaper set (both large and small handled) check these out for only $13.88 .

Bonsai Ashinaga shears 

ashinaga bonsai toolStanwood Bonsai Tool: Japanese Ashinaga Shears Professional Grade – $19.95

Like the Butterfly shears, these smaller handled shears are excellent quality shears. They are perfect for cutting leaves and small branches




Garden shears (Secateurs)

bonsai garden shearsSaboten 1210 Thinning Shear – $29.23

Heavy duty shears to suit any bonsai job. Used mainly for pruning roots but can assist cutting away thick branches initially before the use of a set of cutters.




Concave and Knob cutters

bonsai cuttersStanwood Bonsai Tool: Japanese Concave and Knob Cutters Professional Grade – $89.95

Another two key tools for shaping your tree and providing plenty of bonsai tree care by minimizing scarring. Concave cutters remove branches by leaving a small indented cut that heals with little or no scar while knob cutters are designed for cutting out knobs from trunks and branches with minimal scars. The 8” and 8 ¼” cutter sizes are the optimum and versatile for any job. The professional set are Japanese manufactured, but for a cheaper set check these out for $29.50.



Tree wire

bonsai tree wireBonsai Tree Training Wire | Three Size Combo – $18.95

Aluminum wire is the best to start with as it is easy to apply, however copper provides more stiffness but has to be annealed. This wire is perfect for a beginner as it’s aluminum for ease in handling but copper colored to hide among your bonsai trunk/branches.





Other Useful Tools


bonsai hemp brushHemp Brush – $14.95

Tidying the soil is an essential part of the bonsai pot’s aesthetics, and the job requires a delicate. Hemp Brush 3.0″ x 5.0″, Japanese made.




Root rake

bonsai root rakeStainless Steel Japanese Root Rake – $8.64

A root rake is useful for weeding pots and assists when repotting your bonsai tree. This Japanese made rake is Stainless Steel 10¼” with tines 7/8″ long. 3 tines.



Bonsai Wire cutters

bonsai wire cuttersBrussel’s 7-Inch Wire Cutter Bonsai Tool – $17.00

You could just use standard hardware store cutters to help apply the wire to the tree, however when it comes to removing the wire further down the track it is wise to use proper Bonsai wire cutters to get close to the trunk/branches without damaging the tree.




Bonsai Lime Sulfur

bonsai lime sulfurBonsai Lime Sulfur 8oz – $9.75

To create effective deadwood, Lime Sulfur is an essential part of achieving the stunning contrasting look you are after. 29% Lime Sulfur for Bonsai.



Soil Sieve

bonsai soil sieve4pc Soil Sieve Set, Stainless Steel 12″ dia – $29.95

An essential element for repotting and helping to make your bonsai soil more efficient for drainage. These stainless steel 4,5 and 10 mesh sieves are solid and durable, a solid choice.




Bonsai tree kit sets

There are some different bonsai tree care sets available that will get you going, below are some starter kits as well as some more advanced ones which feature more advanced tools for varying circumstances such as saws, tweezers, pliers for jin and wiring, gouges and other carving tools, brushes, jacks and bending levers.


Basic set

basic bonsai tool setThinkBamboo Bonsai Basics Set – $21.88

A simple collection of tools to get you started. The set features a 8″ Knob Cutter, 7″ Trimming Shear, and Bamboo Brush for a very affordable price. China made, carbon steel Cutter & Shear with a 3 year replacement warranty.




Intermediate set

intermediate bonsai tool setThinkBamboo Bonsai 6pc Shear and Brush Set – $34.88

A more complete kit for bonsai artists, featuring a more diverse range of tools. Set includes 8″ long Concave Cutter & Knob Cutters, 2 styles of heavy duty shear, trimming shears and Bamboo Brush. Heavy duty shears have 2″ cutting edge, and are approx 7″ long overall. Trimming shear has 2″ cutting edge and is approx 7.5″ long overall. Metal tools are hand forged from carbon steel and like the basic set, it comes with a 3 year replacement warranty.




Advanced set

advanced bonsai tool setThinkBamboo Bonsai 11pc Advanced Care Set – $48.88

Jam packed useful 11 piece kit for a bonsai enthusiast with all the necessary tools that will allow you to care for your bonsai for years to come. The  assortment includes: 3 different sized shears, wire cutter, concave cutter, knob cutter, leaf trimmer, root pick, root rake, moss brush and a stiff bamboo brush. Just like the previous tool sets, the hand forged carbon steel tools will last a lifetime with proper care, just wipe clean and lightly oil after every use. A real bargain for only $48.88.